Refereed Publications

* indicates undergraduate student member of GDRG

Dragon, T., Floryan, M., Wilkins, G., and Sparks, T.*. “Efficiency vs. Immersion: Design Trade-offs for an Exploratory Learning Environment”. ITS Workshop on Exploratory Learning Environments. Zagreb, Croatia (2016). PDF

Sherriff, M., Floryan, M., and Wert, D.* “Achievement Unlocked: Investigating Which Gamification Elements Motivate Students.” The 123rd ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, New Orleans, LA, June 24-27, 2016. PDF

Lytle, N.* and Floryan, M. “A Design Framework for Experiential Educational Games”. Proceedings of the Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) Conference, Rome, Italy, December 10-11, 2015. PDF

Senior Thesis Papers

Sparks, T.* “How Games Affect Our Behavior: An Examination Through Symbolic Interactionism.” (2016) Winner of STS Research Category at UVa SEAS 29th Annual Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium (STS Project Advisor: Lisa Messeri)

Green, A.*, Lu, J.*, McNamara, J.*, and Wert, D.* “Redesign of GamerCard to Maximize Student Engagement.” (2015)